Success Stories

Surplus Equipment Tech Fair with Tech ExchangeWatch Video

  • 141 households received computers – 1 computer per minute distributed for 3 hours straight.
  • 36 families signed-up on the spot for low-cost Internet services.

Central Coast Broadband Expansion

  • 95% of the underserved residents have access to affordable broadband services.

The Digital 395 Middle Mile Project

  • 100% of the hospitals and clinics receive broadband access at speeds of 100 Mbps:1Gbp.
  • 100% of the Indian Reservations along the route have broadband access at speeds of 50 Mbps or higher.

What’s Your Story?

Share your success story! Your story will serve as a model for other regions throughout the State of California and help others learn how they can establish broadband access in their communities.Simply download the template from the link below and follow the instructions for submission.You can also help by spreading the word! If you know of other success stories, please share this webpage and the link to the template so they can tell their story.