California Broadband Council Task Forces


Digital Equity for All
The Digital Equity for All task force created a digital equity template for the California Public Utilities Commission to provide to stakeholders to champion the importance of digital equity.

State Contracts
The State Contracts Task Force looked for opportunities to leverage state contracts and drive collaboration with vendors to close the digital divide. The Department of General Services and Department of Technology now continually look for opportunities to leverage state contracts to further state digital equity efforts.

Strategic Corridors
The Strategic Corridor Task Force created an ongoing feedback loop to ensure stakeholder corridor needs are addressed. The California Department of Transportation and California Public Utilities Commission now work to ensure strategic corridors are a state broadband priority.

Surplus Equipment
The Surplus Equipment Task Force amplified the state’s surplus equipment program for unserved and underserved communities. The Department of General Services continues to manage this expanded program.

The California Broadband Council engages tribal expertise to contribute to California tribal digital equity needs.

Long Term Goals
The California Broadband Council continues to leverage 2008 key objectives to ensure continuity with the 2008 Broadband Task Force in order to guide Council decisions.


Task Force

Digital Inclusion
The Digital Inclusion Task Force coordinates state efforts to facilitate closing the digital divide in California.

Funding Task Force
The Funding task force identifies state, federal, and non-governmental broadband funding streams to ensure stakeholders are aware of broadband funding opportunities.