Task Forces

The Council accomplishes many of its efforts through the use of task forces comprised of Council member entity and stakeholder subject matter experts.

Highlights of council task force work include:

Digital Equity for All

Purpose: Advocate for California residents and educate policymakers about the importance of, and need for, digital equity

Status: The California Public Utilities Commission is tasked with finalizing the California Digital Equity for All document based on Task Force state and regional stakeholder input

State Contracts

Purpose: Identify opportunities to leverage state contracts and drive collaboration with vendors to close the digital divide

Status: The Task Force provides the Council regular updates on possible procurement approaches, pilot programs, and the creation and utilization of a state master calendar of state contracts for opportunities to further state digital equity efforts

Strategic Corridors

Purpose: Create an ongoing feedback loop to ensure local stakeholders strategic corridor needs are addressed

Status: The Task Force provides the Council regular updates based on the creation of a framework, including necessary funding

Surplus Equipment

Purpose: Amplify the state’s existing programs to repurpose surplus state equipment for unserved and underserved communities by participating in the distribution of surplus equipment

Status: The Department of General Services created manages a program to perform and socialize the efforts


Purpose: Obtain information from all 109 California recognized tribes about Broadband Access and adoption on tribal lands to better identify and advocate for tribal digital equity needs

Status: Numerous state agencies are collaborating to obtain information

Long Term Goals

Purpose: Use the 2008 Broadband Task Force key objectives to inform the Council’s work

Status: The key objectives are being used to guide Council decisions