Task Forces

In 2018 the CBC created 3 key task forces to support its objectives: Long Term Goals, Surplus Equipment and Tribal. Together, the CBC and its supporting task forces are focused on establishing broadband access at 98% and broadband adoption to 90% by 2023, ultimately eliminating the Digital Divide.

Long Term Goals

The Long Term Goals task force was created to leverage the knowledge and expertise of key stakeholders to review and assess the 7 key objectives established by the original California Broadband Taskforce in 2008. This assessment will guide the California Broadband Council’s focus and recommendations to establish the right structure for providing world class high speed Internet access throughout the state of California.

Member Organizations:
California Public Utilities Commission
California State Library
Southern California Tribal Chairman’s Association
Tech Exchange
US Department of Agriculture

Surplus Equipment

The Surplus Equipment task force was created to leverage established programs that will yield immediate success within the state’s underprivileged communities.

Member Organizations:
California Emerging Technology Fund
Department of General Services
Tech Exchange


The Tribal task force was extended create a baseline of information regarding broadband access, providers and technical expertise for all 109 tribes ensuring continued focus on tribal areas.

Member Organizations:
Bureau of Indian Affairs
California Area Indian Health Service
Governor’s Tribal Advisor
Hoopa Valley Tribe
IHS California Area Chief Information Officer
Native American Heritage Commission
San Manuel Fire Department
Southern California Chairmen’s Association
Tuolumne Band of Mewuk Indians
U.S Department of Health & Human Services – California Area Indian Health Services

We need your help to secure a 100% response rate from the Tribes.

If you are a representative of one of California’s 109 federally recognized tribes, the California Broadband Council’s Tribal Task Force wants to know about your current broadband access and needs.  Your critical feedback enables The California Tribal Task Force to advocate and support the broadband needs for your tribal lands. Click the link below to complete the survey now.