Background: At the March, 2013 meeting, Governor’s Tribal Advisor and Executive Secretary of the Native American Heritage Commission, Cynthia Gomez, proposed the creation of a tribal broadband working group. At the August, 2013 meeting, the Council approved the working group’s creation.

Goal: Improve the government-to-government relationships between the Indian Tribes of California and the California Broadband Council (CBC), provide advice and make recommendations to the CBC, educate tribes on state broadband policies and programs, and assist tribes in applying for state and federal subsidies.

Members: Select members from tribes who are knowledgeable about broadband, Governor’s Tribal Advisor, Department of Technology, and the California Public Utilities Commission.

Tribal Consultations 

The Governor’s Tribal Advisor, in partnership with the California Emerging Technology Fund, held three tribal consultations regarding broadband on tribal lands. They were held in Sacramento on Oct. 8, 2013; Fortuna on Oct. 28, 2013; and San Diego (Pala Reservation), Feb. 25, 2014. A follow up meeting for the entire state is being planned for April 2014.

Here is a link to a "How To" documentcreated by CENIC and the California Emerging Technology Fund, "Tribal Broadband: Funding Access and Adoption" .